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A time capsule is a container that is filled with present day things, such as newspapers, photos, letters etc., that is then hidden away in a closet or buried in your garden, for a time, and then opened by your future self, or someone of your choosing. A present for the future!

There are no rules – it could be a simple shoe box, which you hide away indoors, or a more weather-resistant box that can be buried in the garden. You decide how long you want to hide it, and who should open it, and most importantly, you pick what to include.

Have Fun!

In our capsule we added:

- Querstionaire filled out by all members of my family
- Times of Malta front page 
- BBC world front page
- My favourite Tea Bag
- A party Popper
- 2 Euros in coins
- a Maltese flash card 
- a medal of the malta marathon 
- A Family Photo that we took today
- other randon bits and bobs 

Click here to download our sample Time Capsule questions

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