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As a mummy of 3 young children (eldest almost 10) I must say that the amount of toys that we have been through is great. Their birthdays are all coming up around Christmas time so you can just imagine the amount that gets added by January. I sift through them in October to weed out the used, abused and broken and the ones they don't play with anymore. As I do this I often wonder what possessed me to buy this for them? why did they choose this? Do you think this was a great idea? did they even play with this? 

One example of this is my daughters Hatchimal - I refused to buy it for her the first year and she begged and begged the second year. Was I that mean? So last christmas she finaly got the egg!  I must say she was incredibly happy to receive it! but as the egg cracked and the bird came to life, that was it! I don't think that in this whole year the nameless bird has been picked up and played with more then 5 times. 

As we are becoming more environmentally aware of the amount of plastic that's being thrown away, are we also aware that as parents we can contribute greatly by buying consciously? Is the toy worth it's while? Is the toy chosen, sold because it's been advertised as being the best thing ever? - is it really?  Does having a charachter make it all that much better?  

This Christmas, ask yourself - will this toy serve it's purpose and give what the toy is intened to give - smiles, motor skills, imagination  - will the toy command the child or will the child command the toy? Will the toy still have the same effect on the child in 6 months?

This is the main reason why at Kekstor. we carfuly curate all toys, tested and reserached to ensure that all toys brought in will be played guranteed maximum play give maximum laughs and smiles. All our toys have a story, Just ask us! 


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