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Mid - Term .. here we go again! 

Summer only just ended and we're already talking Halloween, Christmas etc ... but what about Mid Term? that almost week long school break. I don't know about you, but I've only just started to get used to the new "winter" routine with school, extra curricular and fresher weather. Just as I'm getting the hang of it, the kids are off school again! 

For me, mid term in November is a time to pause ... slow down a little before the crazy of Christmas and soon after that exams and all that goes on in 2nd term. 

Halloween gives us plenty to do during this break however here are some another ideas I've thought of to get us through the week smiling and re goup. - Just take it outside :) 

 Location - Buskett

 - Take them on a hunt, this magical place provides plenty of space to run wild and be free. Prepare a treasure hunt - tell them to find objects such as - an orange flower, a butterfly, a mushroom, a clover, a castle, Ben Elf even!

M1_Green-_ - Build a fort - take your Stick-Lets with you! Stick-lets aim to help children, families and adults reconnect with nature through imaginative and open-ended play. Stick-lets are flexible, durable, reusable, weather-resistant, and safe silicone connectors available in 6 vibrant colors - each a different size.  - Fort Building is an excellent team building experience between siblings - the benefits are huge! 

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 08.40.01

- Take a walk .. relax .. look up & shape the clouds and just re group and connect. 

- Find the tools to make paint brushes. - Twigs, leaves, feathers, orange peels etc .. these make great sensory brushes for a later painting session. 

- Collect twigs and make Fairy / Wizard wands 

- If you're lucky - Jump in a Puddle!! there are amazing puddle formations in Buskett. Take a change of clothes (inc. socks!) and a towel for after and just let your kids go wild! their smiles will be worth it! 

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 08.43.39

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